Running Tree

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Hi, Im David: I'm 20, I love to meet new people and find new interests. I could get lost in a conversation if the effort was put forth. I'm kind but don't get me wrong my words can still be coarse. I Love to write and i very much enjoy jumping on trampolines. Wild interests at every turn. Loving the life's lessons we unwillingly learn.
If you, ever need to talk, be heard, to vent, advice, or just want a good genuine friend, or just to get to know someone new and honest. My kik username is:



Im not allowed outside after dark because i outshine all the stars and the moon so baby sea turtles always end up flocking to me

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I hope everyone is doing lovely!

If not. Message me on here or kik

My username is soaringowl.

I’d be happy to listen, give advice or anything to help you out.

What compelled me to write was pure emotion brought to the surface.
Ask yourself, and be honest. How many times as day do you question yourself, your life, your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your job, your possessions.
My heart hasn’t always allowed me to be reserved, to confide in my own mind. I used to spill my unfiltered thoughts and eager emotions. To everyone it seemed as if it was horrible that i opened myself up so willingly, blindly. After what my life has put in my path i’ve grown able to control my emotions to a point. Till a trigger sets me free. Whether it be a movie, a song, a sound. Even just a sentence, a lyric, the role in a dramatic movie. It could be inspiration, sadness, happiness, wonder. The power of emotion is so great it seems wrong to ignore. All my life someone, told me it was wrong or bad to show your emotions. This is me writting to bring forth the wrong and the bad. We must feel, we must cry, we must overthink. If it were so wrong would we be born with such abilities that allow two complicated beings to connect, and feel empathy. I dont write for social or internet acceptance. I write, for myself and when i share it. Its for others, to know you are never alone. One piece at a time. I choose to share for anyone that may relate. That maybe just maybe might feel something when reading. The best proof in this world that we are alive and not in a vivid dream is the emotions and feelings we convey. If you ever can pay attention in your dream no matter the setting or what it may be about its dull, the people limited, the colors not quite natural. So many details give it away. That might be why naturally most people don’t like the rain, hence, the overcast. It takes color away from our sight. I love it, the whole concept. The dirt, the regrets, the pain, washed away. Something bigger than ourselves is cleaning up our mess. Its what pulls the vale aside and shows us what we all look like without the sun. The many sides of who we all are. I hope there are others whom think like me. Whom can relate. Be different even if most or even all despise or dislike or hate you. I promise it gets better. Just don’t expect it to just come to you. Everything amazing in life takes effort to keep it that way. Nothing ever created was perfect, thats what pushed us to create something new. Everytime we do, we knew it had to be different this time. Not better, Different.